"Pi Across America"

Don't be a square!  Join the year-round celebration of one of math's most fantastic numbers -- pi!  Teachers (and others) note there are three magic "pi dates" -- Spring/Summer/Fall -- circling around each year's calendar: (1) "pi day" on March 14 (3/14); (2) July 22 (22 divided by 7 is the closest whole number approximation of pi and we hear it is an especially popular day to celebrate pi in Europe); and, (3) the 314th day of the year, November 10 (November 9 in Leap Years).

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Pi Across America is a celebration of one of mathematics most intriguing and storied numbers.  Come browse our site -- it's free -- and learn more about the ratio between a circle's diameter and circumference, an endless, irrational number that has challenged mathematicians for thousands of years.

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