Pi Party

Hold a classroom or even school-wide celebration of pi. There are many fun ways to celebrate!


(1) Marshall a Pi Parade with each student carrying a pi digit in correct order, perhaps one of their own design on cardboard, pie pans, t-shirts, hats etc.

(2) Assemble students into a giant “π” symbol or into the first few digits of pi on the playground or athletic field. If you can get an aerial photo send it to the local newspaper and post it on the school's website.

(3) Pi begs for pie be it pizza, pumpkin or whatever. Incorporate food into your event. Make it a fundraiser.

(4) Do an en masse “choral reading” of the number pi with ten different groups calling out their assigned digit (perhaps assigned by the last digit of the day or month they were born). Who is loudest?

(5) Set up stations and rotate students to different activities (build the chain, pie bee, pi art etc.)

(6) As any chef knows, pi can be a work of art – challenge students to create pi related artwork. Hand out the “π Casso Award” for the best projects such as:

Music (Try Pi Sharona, tweak Sky Pilot to Pi Pilot or 12 Days of Christmas to 12 Digits of Pi)

Video (How about a 30 second advertisement for pi?)

Post Card/Greeting Card (Mail it home)


Coloring Page

Poem/Limerick/Nursery Rhyme...for example
Little Jack Horner
Sat in a corner eating a classroom pi.
He stuck in his thumb
Pulled out a three-point-one
And said “what good math student am I!”