Round verses Square/Rectangular

For younger students, explore items round versus square/rectangular in the real world. It is interesting that in nature round is common, square/rectangular are virtually non-existent. Civilization is a mixture of both. Are circles more “natural” than squares and rectangles? Which is easier to measure? Have students do a scrap book or bulletin board of pictures of things round, and same of things square/rectangular.


(1) Make a list of many things in nature that are round (from planets to tree trunks to the iris of the eye) and square/rectangular (that is a hard one, perhaps a few crystals but little else in nature is square except by chance).

(2) Make a list of things created by civilization that are round and things that are square/rectangular.

(3) Coins are round. Paper currency is rectangular in shape. How many circles can you find printed on the $1bill? How many squares are printed on the $1 bill?

(4) Look for round versus square/rectangular things in sports. Round includes basketballs and hoops, hockey pucks, soccer balls, baseballs, the center circles of basketball courts and soccer fields etc. Square and rectangular includes chess boards, basketball courts, football and soccer fields, tennis courts, first/second/third base in baseball. Is any one sport all round or all square?

(5) Is food more often round or square/rectangular?

(6) What is the difference between a well-rounded person and a square?