12 Step Program for a Great Pi Event

1 Choose a date or dates for your event

π Any date can work. Why just a day? Do a week-long celebration!
π Note that April is “Math Awareness Month”
π Note that November 10th is the 314th (π = 3.14) day of the year (excepting Leap Years)

2 Choose a time for your event
π Morning has best chance for coverage if you invite the media

3.14 Define your target and create an activities plan (see Activities)

π Individual students
π Classroom
π School wide if possible

4 Projects for larger groups (see Activities)
π Pi chain
π Pi parade
π Choral pi reading (ten groups each representing a digit)
π Large scale outdoor assembly forming the symbol π or digits 3.14159…
π Other good ideas

5 Contests (see Activities)
π Pi bee
π Earliest birthday sequence in the first 200 million digits of pi
π Freehand circle drawing
π Other good ideas

6 Pi art projects (see Activities)
π Music
π Video
π Mailer
π Poster/Flyer
π Coloring Page
π Poem/Limerick/Nursery Rhyme
π Hand out the “π Casso Award” for the best projects
π Other good ideas

7 Decorate your classroom (see Activities)
π Things rounds versus square/rectangular

8 Explore pi outside the classroom (see Activities)

π Basketball court center circle
π Soccer field center circle
π Find “circle sites” elsewhere in your community (fountains, traffic circles etc.)

9 Spread the word -- invite media with a press release (see template)
π Math literacy is national priority and your pi is hot!

10 Get your parents/parent support groups involved

11 Explore local business support
π High tech and other business eager to support math literacy
π Pizza pie supplier
π Baked pies (bakery or local supermarket)

12 Document and report your event back to Pi Across America
π Report your event (description and photos) to us and we will post it!
π Track and report media coverage as well
π Receive by email your “Pi Pilot License and Certificate of Error Worthiness”